• Fulfilling Your Financial Needs: Michele Kief

  • Posted on June 16, 2016
  • Michele Kief is a financial adviser with a passion for assisting clients with their financial needs and helping them build a strong financial future. The investments she makes have the best interests of her clients in mind and her firm offers a wide range of products and services to help protect her clients’ financial wellbeing.
    Because she is a voracious traveler herself, Michele Kief has advice for people, so that they can live their best life now, even as they save money for their future. One piece of advice she likes to pass along is for travelers to buy tourism discount cards for the cities they plan to visit. Often, these cards can cost less than a couple of museum visits, but they can save a lot. For example, there is the London Pass, which costs $122 (£81). You can save hundreds of dollars, if you combine the costs of seeing all of the tourist sites in the city. It also includes free public transportation, which will save you even more.
    When you return from your trip, remember that, due to her experience and her access to a wide variety of resources, including the services of research analysts and economic and market experts, Michele Kief has the experience and the support to make informed investment decisions on your behalf that meet your own unique, very personal needs.

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